We are a mobile outreach program in Southern Maine

Hope Squad Maine is a dedicated group of volunteers who operate a mobile outreach that provides love, compassion and resources to the unhoused in Portland. 


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We see you. We hear you. You matter.

Our mission is to see those that are invisible; to hear those that have no voice, and to reinforce the infinite value and worth of each person we meet by providing a loving, compassionate and consistent presence, needed resources and hope to those living on the streets of Maine through our mobile peer outreach. 

Our Vision

A world where those living on the margins due to homelessness, trauma, substance use disorder and mental health challenges, are seen and heard; feel a true sense of worth, acceptance, belonging and hope, and are provided access to the resources they need to live full lives.

Community Champion: Hope Squad Maine

“We’re trying to send folks the message that they do matter because that’s not the feeling they have when they’re out here. They don’t feel like they’re seen or heard, so that’s probably the most important part of this.”

Conversations in Compassion with Stephen Andrew Podcast

Listen Now: The Revolution of Compassion

When you witness pain and suffering of others you will either lean towards fear, or embrace compassion and understanding. Listen to Hope Squad Maine’s co-founder Matt reflect on this choice on this episode of “Conversations in Compassion.”

Want to join the mission?

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