Outreach Report 5/31/2024

by | Jun 4, 2024

Hope Squad Maine Outreach Report 5/31/2024

Crew: Deb, Fran, Jake, Lucy, Julie, Kristen, Christina, Ali and Matt

It was a busy day once again both at HSC and on the street. We had a HUGE amount of food- everything from sandwiches and meals to fruit all kinds of delicious snacks and sweets. A special bonus was bagels from Wayside. EVERYTHING was gobbled up quickly.

Despite the gorgeous weather, the HSC was still pretty busy, especially the initial rush when we arrive. This is a special time, when familiar faces come up for a hug, smile, hot chocolate and conversation. We treasure each moment. Fran was back for bingo, and thanks to Deb, there were many wonderful prizes.

A couple we have come to know shared the happy news that they were moving out of the shelter and into an apartment that day and it was a gift to share in their excitement. Slowly by slowly, some folks ARE getting housed, which is so hopeful.

The beautiful weather meant there were lots of folks outside, and our several hours spent on the street were quite busy. We had tons of cake (thank you Julie for cutting ALL that cake), all kinds of drinks, and of course sandwiches and the Preble Street meal. A huge surprise was several dozen hard boiled eggs from a farm (thank you Fran!). We also gave out lots of clothes, personal care products and blankets and backpacks.

A couple was referred to Milestone Recovery detox ( there is availability at the new facility at 10 Andover Rd, so call 207-775-4790 x 2 if in need); someone who was in need of rest and medical attention was monitored then brought safely to the Learning Collaborative for care, and another one of our friends who was ill was walked to Greater Portland Health.

We are proud to work closely with many area outreach partners every day we are out here, and we work hard to let folks know where the resources are, should they express a desire for help.

Overall it was a very good day…. There were so many connecting moments; tons of hugs, smiles and laughs. It is such a privilege to spent quality time with our friends out here.  We remain ever grateful for our devoted team of volunteers and each and every one of you who support our mission.

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