Founder Reflects on Mission by Matt Brown

by | Jun 23, 2024

Sitting on the sidewalk with someone who actually LIVES there is a humbling, intense often heartbreaking experience. There are so many needs, it can be completely overwhelming at times. It can feel like our efforts amount to so little in the grand scheme of things, which can be deeply discouraging.

But to be an up-close-and-personal witness to their pain, both physical and mental; to be truly present- listening, encouraging and truly beholding them, communicating on a consistent basis our concern and unconditional love, is a deep and profound privilege.

There is no other place we would rather be, and so that is exactly where we are.

Every week.

Without fail.

A consistent, compassionate presence they can count on.

Our unhoused friends know we will be there, without judgement, with open hearts, to walk alongside them NO MATTER WHAT. Perhaps most importantly, they know we are willing to share the darkness with them, and WE have come to learn that this is the realm where miracles can live.  And we are blessed to witness miracles, both great and small, every day we are fortunate enough to spend time with them. This is the heart and soul of the Hope Squad Maine mission. This is what I dreamed when my vision of using an old ambulance to be a loving presence on the streets first came into focus.  But I could not have foreseen the amazingly beautiful crew of caring souls who would jump at the chance to support our mission in so many different ways. It is so humbling to see what this little dream has grown into and on behalf of Nancy and myself, I cannot adequately express in words my gratitude and love for each of you.


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