Volunteer Highlights with Lucy

by | Jun 23, 2024

Everyone meet Lucy, who is an integral part of our outreach team.  Lucy has a special presence- so caring, comforting and encouraging, which enables her to connect so well with people. It is amazing to watch the connections she makes and how much folks trust her with their stories. We asked her a few questions regarding her outreach experiences…

Can you share a success story or a positive change you’ve witnessed firsthand?

“Our eyes are never closed and our hats are never off once we start working with these neighbors. I was out and about one day and learned that someone we had been caring for needed help packing up her site and wanted to go to the shelter. I had the opportunity to help, and get her there that evening. I was able to sit with her through the intake process which was a privilege to hear her talk about her life so far, and her goals. Fast forward, we are so proud to know that she has completed nearly six months at a treatment center!”

What are some of the challenges you face while doing homeless outreach? 

“There is so much need! In many cases, we only have a few moments with that person that week, so we try to make them count-ensure that they feel heard, cared for, and walk away with anything that we can provide them with.”

What do you find most rewarding about your volunteer work?

“In one sense, these folks have so little, but they have so much to give. They are such unique and deserving individuals, and it is such an honor to know and help them. I wrap up each volunteer session tired from a busy day, but also with a full and grateful heart.” Thank you, Lucy, for your kind heart you share with so many.

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